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Santa Clarita Heating & AC Services

For Installations, Replacements & More, Call Hilo Aire!

Looking for air conditioning and heating services in the Santa Clarita Valley? Turn to Hilo Aire for a job done right! Whether your heater has quit on you on a cold winter day or your air conditioner has left you to sweat on a summer afternoon, our crew will be there to help you as soon as possible and get things working again. We’re a locally-owned and operated small business, and we truly prioritize serving members of our community the way they deserve to be treated.

Hilo Aire has always focused on offering services that go above and beyond our customers expectations. That means always focusing on the little things like showing up on-time and treating your home with respect. However, it also means offering peace of mind from fully-licensed technicians who are true experts in their field. It means delivering world-class craftsmanship. And it means being able to offer options that will help you make your home or business your own with bespoke solutions.

What is HVAC?

HVAC is an acronym for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Additionally, HVAC also refers to the entire system that moves and regulates air throughout a home or building.

HVAC systems generally take fresh air from outside and use a mechanical ventilation process to filter it. Once the air is filtered, the unit moves it into a room or space. Air is moved either through a network of ducts (i.e., central air systems), insulated mini-ducts, or even ductless mini splits.

HVAC systems also improve air quality through air filters that capture dirt, dust, bacteria, and other particles. Furthermore, these units can control humidity levels.

If your heating or air conditioning system needs repair or replacement, you can count on our licensed HVAC technicians at Hilo Aire to resolve the issue in a cost-effective and timely manner. Let us help you get back your comfort and peace of mind. 

Find out for yourself why so many turn to Hilo Aire for quality AC and heating services! Dial (661) 402-6768 and schedule an appointment today.

Comprehensive HVAC Services from Local Pros

When you call Hilo Aire, you can be confident we’re ready to deal with whatever issue you might have. Do you need a new air conditioner? We’ll help you choose the perfect replacement. We even offer services for auxiliary features and the latest and greatest technology!

You can call us for all of the following:

We proudly stock new equipment from some of the finest manufacturers for better and longer-lasting results, plus we carefully match every new installed system to the home it will go in for optimal efficiency and superior performance.

We Help Your Business Too!

Does your business need help with a heating or cooling problem? Call Hilo Aire! We have the skill and expertise to service issues with all types of HVAC equipment in light and medium-duty commercial applications.

Experience Hilo Aire’s service for yourself and you’ll never need to find a new heating and cooling pro again! Contact us today.

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  • Should I repair or replace my air conditioner?
    Unfortunately, there is no straightforward or easy answer to this question because every air conditioner in every home is going to be different. Some air conditioners can be reasonably repaired and continue to operate without issue. Other air conditioners aren’t worth repairing either due to the nature of the repair or the age of the air conditioner. We recommend having your system professionally inspected for a more definitive answer.
  • How long do air conditioners last?
    Not all air conditioners are built equal, and not all air conditioners operate in the same conditions or with the same care regimen as others. However, you can generally expect your air conditioner to last around 20 to 25 years before it will need replacement. Well-kept air conditioners will often last as much as 30 years, while poorly-maintained systems may need replacement in as little as 15 years.
  • Should I invest in a heat pump?
    Heat pumps are incredibly energy-efficient and effective at heating homes. In warm-weather climates like ours here in Southern California, this makes them a great alternative to gas fueled or electric powered furnaces. We recommend considering a heat pump the next time you have to replace your heater—they can be easily retrofitted into almost any home with a central heating system already installed.
  • What is a heat pump?
    A heat pump is a machine that collects ambient thermal energy from the air outside, condenses it, and then carries it indoors where it can be used to heat your home. In warmer weather climates like Southern California, these systems have been shown in numerous studies to save homeowners a significant amount of energy while also completely doing away with carbon-based emissions that come from burning fuel.
  • Is HVAC maintenance really necessary?
    We like to put it this way: you wouldn’t drive 100,000 miles without changing the oil in your car. Therefore, we don’t recommend putting your HVAC system through hundreds or even thousands of hours of work without a proper tune-up. We recommend an annual tune up for your air conditioner in the springtime and then for your furnace in the fall so that your system is ready to go when you need it.
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